Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Girl About Town II Laurenne

Girl About Town she was; or should I say we were, following her around Nashville!  Always such a pleasure working with photographer Nikki Mcfadden.  She never ceases to amaze me.  It was my first time working with model Laurenne; I had seen her images around town and heard of her through mutual friends at her agency AMAX MODELS.  I was super excited when she asked me to be a part of this shoot and didn't hesitate to yes! Laurenne was super awesome to work with and lets face it simply STUNNING!!! Check out some of the images from the shoot below.

Photographer: Nikki Mcfadden
Model/Stylist: Laurenne Nicgorski
Makeup & Hair: ME:)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Brynn Marie opens for Pat Benatar

This week I get to go to Oklahoma City with country music sensation Brynn Marie. She will be opening up for non other than one of my favorite artists ever Pat Benatar. I can't believe I get to do hair and makeup for Brynn and listen to her amazing performance and then sing along to "Love is a Battlefield ". Ahhhhh, how exciting! I used to listen to that song on replay and dance on top of my bed with nothing but conquering the world in mind; mainly love.

Brynn has quickly become one of my best friends here in Nashville and I feel blessed to be able to travel with her. Brynn is one of the kindest most genuine people I know, she's insanely talented and I can't wait till the whole world meets her and sings along to her songs. For right now, we are going to take on Oklahoma City with Pat Benatar so stayed tuned for pics.

So far on the trip, we broke down and had to rent a car. We met some really cool people though, they've been traveling all around the USA and call themselves "Unplanned Amercica". So fun, they are awesome. They are traveling in one of the coolest cars ever, they actually had Brynn autograph it and had me stamp my logo on it, good deal haha!

Well till next time, enjoy the pics!


Marz Makeup & Hair

Sunday, August 19, 2012


For all of our engaged friends of the Marz Makeup & Hair blog; you'll want to join me and some exclusive vendors at the McConnell House for an incredible Intimate Bridal Show.  The show will showcase vendors that can cater to all aspects of your wedding, so feel free to bring your wedding bridal books and take notes.  Enjoy a drink at the champagne bar, appetizers, cake samples, and my favorite part THE FASHION SHOW. The fashion show will feature some of 2013's hottest bridal runway looks. How exciting!  The bridal show is open to everyone, but you have to reserve your spot online. Can't wait to see you there:)

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Marz Makeup & Hair

Friday, August 10, 2012

My New Space at Westlight Studios

About a month ago, I was on the hunt for a makeup studio/office space I could call my own.  I really wanted a place I could go meet with clients, work on improving my craft and just be creative; little did I know that it would happen sooner than later. Talking with friend photographers Nikki and Eli McFadden I learned about Westlight Studios moving to Franklin, TN.  I was extremely excited and went to go see it as soon as I could.  At Westlight I met with photographer Michael Gomez, and he gave me a tour around the whole place, talked about the office space and what Westlight Studios was all about.  He told me the Westlight was a member based rental studio for photographers and videographers. So it turned out the office I'd soon call my studio was going to be in a building where some of the best photographers and coolest people I know would work on their craft too.  Meeting with Michael that day and getting to tour the whole facility just gave me an amazingly positive and awesome vibe, so I couldn't pass it up.  A few days later, I started working on changing the wall colors and moving stuff in.  Take a look at the before and after pics.

Everyday something new happens at the studio, whether it be meeting someone new or working on a shoot with one of the other photographers or adding something new to my studio.  All I know is, everyday I feel blessed and thankful that I am there and get to be part of the Westlight Studio family.  Thank you Nikki and Eli for being so awesome and introducing me to Michael :0).  Thank you Michael for taking me in and for being a huge support so far, your truly an amazing talent and an awesome person to just be around and learn from.  To my new friends, you guys are hilarious and so fun to be around not to mention extremely talented photographers, you guys rock! Thank you babe for all helping me paint and set things up and thanks to Brynn Marie for also helping me paint and for all your support, love you:).

I hope everyone I know will come out and visit the studios.  For now check out Westlight Studios online for location and contact information and then check out the amazing portfolios of the members: Michael Gomez, David Bean, David Molnar, Kristy Belcher, Allen Clark, Nick Bumgardner, and Erick Anderson.

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Marz Makeup & Hair

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

AMY + WAYLON Wedding!

On May 19th, 2012, I had the pleasure of doing makeup and hair for Amy Weatherholt, her mom and a few bridesmaids.  From the very beginning, working with Amy and her mom was awesome (thanks for the chicken salad lunch Ms. Ritter:).  Amy is a sweet heart, and getting to be a part of her BIG DAY was just awesome.  When Amy and Waylon are together, it's like no one else is in the room; there chemistry, friendship and love for each other is what's going to make their union a long-lasting one.

Another great thing about being involved in Amy's wedding was getting to work with one of my favorite vendors, Mary Alice Sublett from A Delightful Day Event Planning. Mary is the "CUTEST"! So fun getting to work with her, she's so relaxed and has such a great attitude. Photographers Chris and Adrienne Scott were also super fun and are really talented.  Chris is pretty funny and makes everyone feel comfortable.  Adrienne, well she is the jelly to his peanut butter, the milk to his cookies, the sugar to his spice...haha, they just go together. Here are some pics...

Amy + Waylon=LOVE

After H&M, shot by me. :)The Fabulous work of Chris and Adrienne next...

Event Planner: Mary Alice Sublett, A Delightful Day EventPlanning- StudioWed Nashville member

Venues: Brentwood Baptist and Factory in Franklin Jamison Hall

Cinematographers: FullFrame Cinema

Rentals: Southern Event Party Rentals- StudioWed Nashville member

Cakes: The Bake Shoppe

Makeup/Hair: Marz Makeup & Hair

Drapery: Visual Elements- StudioWed Nashville member

Papergoods: Sweet Life Designs/Amber Housley- StudioWed Nashville member

Florals: Lauren Atkinson

Ceremony decor rentals: FABU

Transportation: Grand Avenue - StudioWed Nashville member

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Marz Makeup & Hair